About Twin Web Design

Twin web design is owned and operated by twin sisters, Dr. Kim Christian and Crisi Eason, MBA.

Both sisters have extensive experience in business operations and digital marketing.  With a passion for helping other business owners, Twin Web Design was created to provide quality services with proven strategies.

Dr. Kim Christian specialized in small business continuity planning for her PhD and has built several businesses, including eCommerce businesses and several local companies.  She has built websites and utilized search engine optimization since 1998.  Kim has a passion for automating processes and improving operations through effective business strategies.

Crisi Eason, MBA, has also built online businesses as well as local companies.  She has focused on helping to build the craft community and small business owner build an online presence with websites and online marketing.  Crisi likes to help local business owners connect with their customers and build digital assets.

Kim and Crisi have recently fell in love with helping with the preservation efforts of Morgan Horses.  They have created a website dedicated to helping other people passionate about Morgan Horses connect and spread the word about saving Morgan Horses.  

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